From a very young age I fell in love with going to this small, local craft store with an assortment of beads and craft supplies in my hometown of Decatur, Alabama. I have always gravitated towards fashion, accessories, and styling looks in my own way. Fast forward to my mid 20's where I found myself working at a clothing boutique in Auburn, Alabama. Several customers starting asking for bangles so I began making them for the store. Everyone wanted their own designs and my Instagram page was formed due to the volume of custom orders from some of my favorite customers.

When my husband Luke and I moved to Louisville, Kentucky in 2015 I went full-time with my jewelry business. I never imagined my "fun, part-time hobby" would blossom into a career. The name "Sincerely Quinley" came from my commitment that each piece of jewelry would be carefully and sincerely designed with each individual customer in mind. My hope is that through this little labor of love, I bring a smile to the face of each customer when they wear their jewelry. I am thankful this passion has turned into a thriving business, allowing me to build lasting relationships across the country.